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At JFox Mediation & Coaching, we provide energizing and heartfelt tools and practices to revive, restore, and renew relationships and connections with ourselves and others.

​Built on decades of practice, expertise, and caring, JFox Mediation & Coaching provides empowering coaching, teaching, and mentoring that enriches and revitalizes our lives and relationships one step at a time.

Individual coaching at JFox Mediation & Coaching focuses on personal growth, renewal, and empowerment.

We seek to release patterns of thinking and being that no longer serve us in relationships or in our personal lives. We identify deeply felt values to guide our behaviors and actions, connecting with our best selves.

JFox Mediation & Coaching provides coaching for enriching and healing intimate relationships, uncovering blocks that keep us from thriving.
We teach compassionate communication skills, deep listening, being present in the moment, and other vital relational skills to build and restore the humane and passionate connections we deeply desire.

Conflict Coaching helps us understand the dynamics of conflict and gain skills to minimize its destructive effects, de-escalate rather than escalate potential conflicts, and transform conflict into win-win resolutions.
Information, skills to practice, insight, embracing varying perspectives, and a variety of tools will be shared to equip you to process conflict without doing further harm to relationships.

Relationships are sometimes messy. We develop misunderstandings which may lead to distancing and polarization. We may have no idea how to build bridges of understanding and, thus, we remain estranged.

Conversely, Restorative Practices equips us with other options. Restorative Practices provides structured ways to have non-threatening conversations about topics that may be challenging and escalate conversations otherwise.

Through the structured process of restorative conferences, those involved in the situation are guided in a discussion of:

  • What happened with no shame, blame, or finger pointing
  • Who has been harmed or impacted and in what way
  • The needs of all involved to move forward, make things right, create agreements, and choose differently in the future.

Mediation is a voluntary collaboration process where individuals who have conflict meet with an impartial neutral third party to help them resolve their disputes.
Mediation is generally short-term, structured, and task-oriented. The mediator helps the involved individuals define the problems, find common ground, discuss unrealistic expectations, identify issues rather than positions, brainstorms workable solutions, and reach mediation agreements.

JFox Mediation & Coaching follows the restorative practices approach to leadership development: fair process. Fair process relates to how leaders, influencers, and people with authority use their power.
The primary hypothesis of restorative practices and fair process is that “people are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes when those with influence do things with them, rather than to them or for them (International Institute of Restorative Practices, IIRP).

For businesses, schools, churches, community organizations, couples, and partners.
​Learn about restorative practices, the emerging social science that studies human dignity and how to improve and repair relationships between people and communities.
Build and restore healthier connections and more cooperative and collaborative teams.
​Manage organizational change.
​Participate in training and workshops on restorative leadership and fair process.
​Participate in couples’ workshops that focus on strengthening connections in happy relationships and repair connections in troubled ones.

Nutrition plays a big part in our overall mental and physical health, which affects our moods and relationships.
Clients may consult with our holistic chef and nutrition specialist for support and guidance in healthy and tasty eating choices for better quality of life.

Indigo biofeedback is a computer assisted, non-invasive system that reads the body for electrical indicators of stress. The Indigo biofeedback device is designed for stress reduction, muscle re-education, pain management and brain wave balancing. It does not diagnose or treat any condition,disease or disorder.
Reiki involves energy healing. Reiki aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks in a similar way as acupuncture or acupressure. Reiki improves the flow of energy around the body. It may help in relaxation, relieving pain, and reduce other symptoms of illness. Reiki is complementary to and does not replace treatment by modern medicine.
Reiki and biofeedback approaches are not meant to diagnose, heal, or prevent disease.

Sometimes we all become stuck or confused in our spiritual journey with God and the Divine, whether our faith is in Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Atheism or other belief systems. It may be beneficial to discuss these issues with a wise individual, deeply connected with the Spirit of God, and realign with purpose, meaning, and divine love.
Sacred ceremonies are important rituals to our lives. Contact us for weddings, celebrations of life, and other sacred ceremonies for passages and transitions in life.



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Built on decades of practice, expertise, and caring, JFox Mediation & Coaching provides empowering coaching, teaching, and mentoring that enriches and revitalizes our lives and relationships one step at a time.